June 11, 2009

Favorite Finds from the Bedridden Blogger

Let's get this day started, shall we?

My pinched nerve was so bad yesterday, I didn't get around to baking my cookies, but I did find three stellar recipes and shopped for my ingredients. So, as soon as I finish my coffee and write this post, I'll get started.

I stayed in bed yesterday, and did quite a bit of "research," trolling the internet for crafty, design and art-y inspiration. Favorite finds from yesterday.

From sfgirlbybay:

Turquoise Smith Corona Typewriter from Junk Culture on Etsy.

Images by Brooke Reynolds. I stumbled across her blog inchmark, via this blog. I also collect scraps of security envelopes. The designs are mesmerising. I intend to turn perfect squares into paper cranes.

There are so many blogs! And some are better than turning the pages of a magazine.

Speaking of magazines, the latest issue of ReadyMade came in the mail.

Sadly, this issue is lackluster. There is only one project I would consider making. Just one.
(I'll post a pic later, once I figure out how to get my scanner working.)

However, here is another project I would love to make!

Find it on instructables here.

I'm not sure which blog I first saw this project:

but I just found it again on HowAboutOrange...

Time to make the cookies!

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