December 31, 2010

It's a Wrap

I can't believe it's the last day of 2010. What a great year it has been! It seems that every year of Skirt Project is a year of major change. I'm trying to keep up, but I have my work cut out for me in 2011...

A few weeks ago, I changed the masthead of my blog using these super awesome stamps that my mom has had since the 1950's.
It's a complete set! A total find in my own house, and so much fun to use! I am finding new uses for the stamps everyday, and every holiday. It's so exciting. I used these stamps to make my tags for my Christmas gifts. 

I traced a tag from my collection: stamped one side for the recipient of the gift and spray glued gorgeous paper on the other side.  
I loved this detail to my gifts. 

A close up:

One night, Jon and I made snow flakes, just because... They turned out lovely, so we decided to use them on our gifts.
P.S. Please notice the gorgeous glitter paper and ribbon that decorate these packages. Paper is from here.

Here are some photos of Jon's gifts. I made a little game out of it... I used my number stamps for five gifts. If I had thought about it more, there would have been a theme. Instead, I gave him stuff I knew he would enjoy having in no random order. 

A set of Micron pens - .005

A candle for the man cave. 

A calendar for the man cave.

Wool argyle socks, for colder climates to come. 

I know, it's a bag. Gift bags are kind of lame, but it's a bag that I knew he would like, and a bag that would hold this book

I think Jon had a WONDERFUL Christmas, after all he is Mr. Wonderful. 

Here's a peek for my next post...
Jon's Christmas to me! 


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