January 1, 2009

My options...

Because it's always good to have options; some people call it Plan B. I went thrifting yesterday, I found a skirt, that I love and I can wear considering the current beautiful weather we are having, but that skirt is for another post. Maybe tomorrow, if I ever get off the couch and get the laundry started. I bought a dress at House of Dang! and that's when my problems ensued...

This is a dress that I saw a couple of months back at an independent store in Austin. But yesterday, when I saw it at House of Dang! and it was on sale, I knew I had to get it. (I have a birthday and a wedding to attend in the next two weeks.) I don't have much information on the designer, Méline, other than she is local, living in Plano, and scheduled to appear in the upcoming PIN show. I love it!
But, I think it needs something...

That's better, but not really the look I'm going for...

Maybe Donna Karen and yellow pants?

H E L P !

Thank goodness for friends. I rang in the new year with my dress and a little accessorizing and stylizing by Steph. The session started something like this, "Let me tell you what I learned from watching America's Next Top Model..."

In the end, my accessories got the best of me.

Did you eat your black eyed peas today? I did.
Here's my version of Hoppin' John:

Here's to 2009!

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