January 13, 2009

Crafting in Cowboy Boots

Birthday Season has begun! I kicked it off by buying my first pair of cowboy boots!

Aren't they great? They fit so well and feel so good, they were meant to be mine. I bought them at Dolly Python, a great store for vintage treasures.

Sew... I crafted this weekend with friends... among other things.

We decided to make the string orb light fixtures featured on the cover of this month's Ready Made.

All it took was some crochet thread, balloons and some patience.

(Note for next time: It's a good idea to use a different color thread than your balloon.)

Next, came the glue. Actually we used my favorite product: Stiffy!

The finished product the way we left them last Friday.

My balloon is third from the left. It actually fell and is covered with crumbs of crushed leaves. I think it adds texture, and I renamed it "Earth ball." I heard that mine didn't make it. It deflated, but I hear the others are nice. I hope to go check them out later tonight...

My friends are great volunteers. I tagged along with Marianne this weekend to make costumes for the Garland Civic Theatre's upcoming production Mary Stuart.

The costumes are Elizabethan... Here is one of the skirts.

I sewed the hooks and eyes on these Elizabethan collars.

Skirt 4 in action:

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Sarah P. said...


My orb is actually now a fixture on my desk at work! The balloon came out super easy after popped and I didn't even have to cut a whole in the bottom! I decided to spray paint it gold...however, I ran out of spray paint so it is gold/green :)
Thanks for the great project, I had fun!