May 21, 2012


Today's kindergarten mural. Isn't it lovely?
Do you love sidewalk chalk? I do. It provides such a great activity, especially for little kids. At my school for some reason, administration is not too keen on students using sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk. I don't know why. I don't question or challenge it. It is what it is... Bummer.

Last week the power went out at my school for two hours, and our campus was not prepared. Thankfully it was sunny so I decided to take my students outside. I wanted them to have an activity, so I fumbled in the dark, found the chalk, the baby wipes (to clean hands), and grabbed the black roll of paper sitting by my door. I took my 5th grade class and headed outside. We rolled a very long piece of paper over the sidewalk, I gave instructions, set some ground rules, and then let the students go crazy!

And they did! Even at 5th grade, students were having a great time - being creative, drawing with friends, trying new things. They made a mess, but that's normal. It was such a good activity, I am repeating it with my kinders this week.

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