May 29, 2012

Beads and Baubles

A few weeks ago, I took a private class at Beads of Splendor. It was a silk knotting class, which I actually took more than three years ago. I had a necklace that I wanted to restring, to make new again, and also wanted to make a few options for some wedding events that I have coming up. It had been a while, but knotting came back to me rather quickly. Over the course of the last month I've made 8 necklaces!

Here is the selection that I have made for myself.
Strand 1: Faceted Amazonite
Strand 2: Fresh water pearls. (Hello, Barbara Bush!)
Strand 3: Lapis Lazuli
Strand 4: Greige Swarovski pearls

Here are some strands that I have made for others...
Strand 1: Potato pearls. (Funny name!)
Strand 2: Faceted Agate (I think...)
Strand 3: Pink pearls
Not pictured: but posted here. I also made a pretty one out of green garnet beads. 

I love natural stones, I always have. I would much rather have natural stones on my neck than fake plastic ones. My astrology sign is an earth sign, which I think explains it... That and I wanted to be a geologist when I first started out in college. I ♥ rocks!

Rocks ROCK!

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