February 9, 2011


It is the Year of the Rabbit, and to celebrate and expose my students to the Chinese Lunar New Year, I thought it would be cute for my preschool classes to draw rabbits. My plan was to create an informative and interactive display with their adorable pictures. Unfortunately, school shut down last week and I missed the opportunity to display their work, but their pictures are too cute not to share.

Through directive drawing, (step-by-step instructions) we drew three bunnies, three different ways - from the front, the back and the profile. This exercise is great for my English language learners because they have to listen to instructions and it also illustrates important vocabulary. Did I mention the exposure to other cultures?

My students drew with markers - A REALLY big deal if you are 5 years old, pasted their papers on to red paper and placed a piece of Japanese paper with rabbits for decoration, ALL BY THEMSELVES!

I am so proud of them! It makes me all warm and fuzzy just looking at them.