November 28, 2010

The Leaves Are Changing

I can't believe November has practically come and gone.
I love this tree outside of our apartment. It's so big and the colors of the leaves are gorgeous! I took this picture this past weekend, and it reminded me of so many things that I have been wanting to blog about.

Where to begin?

I'll begin with a book that I am reading, and whose cover happens to look like the photo above.
The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. Have you read it? I am almost done with it and will write more when I finish it.

Another big part of my life is school - which for the most part is going great! I teach 650 students once a week. I still don't know how I am managing to do it all, but we're doing it! My students are lovely, spunky and good.  They are all good, even though there are a few who push my buttons and test my patience, they are just kids. 

These photos are from a project that I did with the Pre-K class last week before the break. I had cut the leaf shape out of several pieces of tissue paper and had the children glue the pieces on a piece of paper with an old paint brush. 
Some students were very precise about where they placed their leaves. About 10 minutes into the project, I heard, "Teacher, ya acabĂ©." (I'm finished.) When I looked at the clock, I had about another 10 minutes before it was time to clean up, so I encouraged them to keep adding more. 

Some students worked in a radial pattern, which was pretty advanced.

But I liked the pictures that looked like the leaves had fallen onto their paper, and the students had let the leaves lie where they lay.

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