June 8, 2010

Acht, Huit, Otto

I found this number acht in Brussels the other day with Gen and Marianne.
Acht is eight in Dutch.
Huit is eight in French.
Otto is eight in Italian.

These are languages I will definitely hear in the near future. We are planning the first of what I hope are many travels this summer. Tonight, after an exciting evening at the laundry mat, I looked through all of my pictures since September for some Smurf love, (a future post in the works). I realize I have not written about or shared many pics about the places we have traveled. Having seen my life flash before my eyes on iPhoto, I am amazed at my own experience thus far and disappointed that I have not been better about documenting this as I go along.

Sorry about that. I hope I can find a way to remedy this soon.

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