December 13, 2009

Advent Origami Boxes: Day 13 & Santa Lucia

Today is a special day in the Nordic countries, Santa Lucia.
Let's see if my poem explains it well enough...

A Swedish tradition,
Here is the short edition:
During this darkest time of year,
Lucia with light would appear.
A crown of candles she would carry,
Bringing hope to the tired and wary.

It's a beautiful tradition, where a special girl is selected to portray Lucia.
This photo is from a special Santa Lucia presentation I saw last week. Read more about Santa Lucia and this holiday tradition here.

Back to the Advent Origami Box:
I picked up this little something at a gorgeous flower store in Leuven called Young Amadeus. There are always rose petals strewn outside the shop doors, but I learned this weekend is that they also carry special decorative items for the home.

Mr. Wonderful received a set of votive holders. They are so elegant and classic, just like he is.

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