November 5, 2009

Yesterday's News

I finally got around to making this newspaper basket that I posted about here.

It was not as easy as the instructions made it out to be, but then that's the way I tend to do things... (I tend to make things difficult.) I was having a hard time keeping the form upright and trying to make my weaves tight. My fingers were black by the end and only two and a half editions of the daily Metro were mutilated. It took me about an hour and a half from start to finish, a much needed break from knitting and everything else I am supposed to be doing. It's my first attempt and I will make more. I like the look of the softly muddled newsprint with occasional color. It's a nice/aesthetic/eco-friendly project that will help tame my bookshelf/craft shelf/catch all.

I got a new skirt:
It's from HEMA and is a light weight, simple, A-line jersey number. It's a much needed addition to the other black skirts that I brought because this one will ride well on the bicycle, something I've been doing quite a bit of lately. It was 16 €, and I am very pleased.

I also learned that rok means skirt in Dutch.

I also bought a package of dried bay leaves. Bay leaves make chicken taste better and is an essential ingredient in various soups and stews. A simple addition of a few leaves makes an enormous difference. I am pleased with the little effort on my part this has required.
Don't they just smell divine?

It's beginning to look a LOT like Chirstmas! (?)

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