December 1, 2015

December 1st

This morning I woke up with a strong desire to document my days. I don't know why... Maybe it's because I'm getting older, maybe it has to do with having a child, maybe it's this creative itch that has been nagging me. Even though I teach art, it's been so difficult to find time to create for myself. I should be grading projects right now, and I'll get to that in a minute...

I figured out how to work a Swedish kiln! In all honesty, I did get the temperature speed wrong because of Fahrenheit/ Celsius confusion.
Normally I don't work on Tuesdays, but it's crunch time at school with projects and grades. So, the first order of the day was to unload and load a bisque ware kiln. There were only two casualties in the kiln. I kept telling my students not to leave the clay too thick, and to be sure to wedge the air bubbles out. At least it's a teachable moment, but I hope the two owners of the pots aren't too disappointed. 

I took Ann-Sofi to our Tuesday play/singing group in the old neighborhood where we used to live. The kids were able to make a special craft today. After the group, we went to our old apartment to pick up a few things that we've been missing. We're in temporary digs for a few weeks because we had a mold situation in the old place. Hopefully, it will be finished and sorted out soon. However, it seems as if they are still drying the damp walls. 
Isn't it beautiful? It's a tea light holder. 
Even in the dark days, this little lady brings the sunshine. 
I had an appointment in town today, so while Ann-Sofi slept I lunched and took the opportunity to Christmas and window shop. 
Don't judge. 
I just discovered Knapp-Carlsson, a shop in town that sells so many buttons and sewing notions.
After button shopping, second-hand shopping, and grocery shopping, we came home and stayed busy with class preparations for tomorrow and cooking dinner. 
Mark making cards in the making for tomorrow's chance activity...
Tonight's menu: Brussels sprouts (1 kilo for 10 SEK!), torsk (cod) and carrot soup (1 kilo for 10 SEK!) 10 SEK = ($1.15 USD, or €1)
Here she is eating Brussels sprouts! I think it's because she was loving using a big fork.
Don't be fooled by this photo though, most of the meal was on the floor.
Also, Dado (papa) cut her hair. I'm used to it now. 
 Now it's time to say good night. I have a cup of Texas pecan coffee here and a portfolio full of drawings to be graded and commented on. Ugh....  Signing off for tonight... 


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