September 10, 2011

Nine. Ten. Eleven

This is how my pie turned out.

Nine. Ten. Eleven. Seems like a good date to start blogging again. I took a break with the intentions of coming back soon... But then soon turned into almost seven months. 

I felt like I had nothing new or interesting to offer the world wide web. Maybe I still don't, but who cares? 

I'll be honest, my old friend 'Self Doubt' came back to visit and stayed for a while. Working and coming back to Dallas, adjusting to life as it happens, just made me want to recoil and figure it all out. 

But guess what? I still don't have it figured out, but my life is good and happy. 

I am in very much in love. 
I still take pictures with the same small camera.
I have a job that I love - it's different everyday and allows me to be creative. 
I still make things.
I still travel. 
I have great friends.
I have a loving family.
I have goals and projects that I am working on.
I still wear skirts. 

I like my life,
And I want to write about it all right here.

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abby said...

Welcome back. I look forward to reading your posts.