September 23, 2010

Fall Into Reality


I'm back on the blog, just in time for fall. It's been too long, but I'm back in Texas, getting adjusted to the United States and this heat again.

A few pics of the past month + some days...

In August, Mr. Wonderful and I took a trip through the best parts of Bavaria,

I bought a few new skirts...
(New blue skirt at the Heidelberg Castle in Germany).

Back in Texas...
We have been enjoying the last Dog Days of Summer.

We found a place to live.

 I started a new job and have been in search of the perfect cappuccino.

I've reconnected with familiar faces and places.

Baked cookies...

And made some things.

Tomorrow, I head west to LA LA land for a weekend trip and a wedding.

I'm pretty excited. 

I'm bringing lots of skirts. 

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Amaranta said...

Glad you're back into blogging!